About the conference

The association „Danube-Networkers for Europe (DANET) e.V.“ was founded in March 2014.

Danube-Networkers for Europe, called DANET, is an international umbrella organisation of educational institutions that promotes education and science in the fields of lifelong learning, social participation and intergenerational dialogue in Europe, especially in the Danube countries. The aim is to provide impulses for European integration, especially for experts implementing the Danube Strategy of the European Commission in the field of education.

DANET is based on the educational network Danube – Networkers, which has implemented various intercultural, European projects in the Danube region and Europe since 2008.

The conference brings together creatives, experts and decision-makers from across the Danube Region to network the diverse international cultural sector and demonstrate our solidarity with our friends in Ukraine. Let’s stay strong together! The aim is to deepen the discourse on freedom and culture, establish contacts, present projects and inform about developments and opportunities in the cultural sector in the Danube Region. Solidarity and resilience building will be addressed as cross-cutting themes.

Impressions from the first sessions on 6 July 2022: