Danube Networkers

Who we are

The association „Danube-Networkers for Europe (DANET) e.V.“ was founded in March 2014. Danube-Networkers for Europe, called DANET, is an international umbrella organisation of educational institutions that promotes education and science in the fields of lifelong learning, social participation and intergenerational dialogue in Europe, especially in the Danube countries. The aim is to provide impetus for European integration, in particular for experts implementing the European Commission’s Danube Strategy in the field of education.

DANET is based on the educational network Danube-Networkers, which has implemented several different intercultural European projects in the Danube region and Europe since 2008. The german association of the Danube-Networkers is located in Ulm (Watch a Video/german language)

Goals and tasks

Members of DANET pursue the goal of promoting and developing innovative educational strategies and programmes at regional, national and international level through appropriate measures and bringing them to the attention of the public.

Danet is a network for learning in later life, social participation and intergenerational dialogue along the Danube DANET initiates local, regional and transnational education and learning activities and projects that support the development of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR). It aims to provide new impetus for the development and implementation of common European policies in the fields of social development, social participation, learning, education and intergenerational dialogue. More

DANET focusses on:

  • Access to learning opportunities and general education based on the transfer of innovative practices and the dissemination of current scientific knowledge and theories
  • Implementing and disseminating new approaches and innovative methods
  • Enabling universities and other educational institutions to provide and improve access to formal and non-formal education for older and younger generations
  • Laying the foundations for highly professional national and transnational cooperation
  • Supporting senior citizens in Europe, especially in the countries of the Danube region, to actively participate in civil society
  • Promoting intercultural dialogue in Europe, especially in the Danube region, as a prerequisite for mutual understanding and respect
  • Supporting older people in the integration of their knowledge, skills and competences in new, mostly collective tasks, civil activities and social projects.

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