In-Cult Project

Erasmus + project with intellectual output

Project coordinatoror: ILEU e.V.

Project partners: University of Ruse Angel Kanchev (Bulgaria), ZAPROKUL (Serbia), Writers‘ League Timisoara Banat Branch (Romania), FEDERUNI (Italy), University of Alicante (Spain))

Webseite: in progress

Project description:

The aim of the IN-CULT project is to raise awareness of the importance and diversity of European intangible cultural heritage and to strengthen links between partner organisations and countries.

Supervised by the project coordinator ILEU e.V., the interactive online game „IN-CULT“ is being developed in 7 languages (English, German, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Spanish and Serbian) in cooperation with partner institutions and participating learning groups. In different games, users of all ages can deepen their knowledge about the traditions, dialects, music, festivals and culinary specialities in the above-mentioned countries and learn new things. In addition to the learning area, interested adult educators are provided with teaching materials and working methods to integrate the „IN-CULT“ game into their lessons.

IN-CULT is based on collected intangible cultural treasures from 6 European countries, which are selected and integrated into the game by ILEU, its partner organisations and the participating senior learning groups from the partner countries. The senior learning groups support the partner organisations in developing a questionnaire on the topic of „My personal cultural treasure“, conduct interviews with people who contribute to the preservation of a particular cultural treasure and help determine which cultural treasures are integrated into the game. In their working and learning process, the learners acquire knowledge and skills in ICT, expand their knowledge about intangible cultural heritage in other European countries and benefit from international exchange.